If you have questions please email me.
You can also reach me on Facebook.

These polishes can currently be purchased through PAYPAL, send me an email with your paypal email/account and the colors you would like.

I am also currently accepting orders for customized polishes. Send me an email with the following filled out completely, and I can create a custom Shimmer for friends, family and special events!

Name of Polish:
Glitter Color (Primary):
Glitter Colors (Secondary):
Paypal Email:

My ETSY site is up and running if you prefer to go this route!

Each polish is $12. Customs $15.
Shipping is $2.50 per bottle and $1 per each additional bottle.

International shipping is available upon request.
International Shipping is $11 per bottle and $2.50 per each additional bottle.

Thank you.


  1. It is very convenient if an online store like this do have an international shipping. Can I ask what countries you usually ship your items?

    Timothy Daniel

  2. Hey.
    Are you still active in selling polishes?

    1. Feel free to contact me at I am happy to help you! Thanks for looking! :)