Friday, August 24, 2012


Erica: Crystal Periodot


Pictures courtesy of Nailderella, Polish Art Addiction, OMG Polish 'Em, Wacky Laki, Love Varnish, My Nail Polish Online, Skulls and Polish, Belegwen, Peachy Polish, Dipped in Lacquer, Rebecca Likes Nails, Chit Chat Nails, Oh Three Oh Four, Sherilynails, Lacquer is the Best Medicine, Blog Nailed It, Globe & Nail, Running with Lacquer, I Dream of Lacquer, Miss Mani Monster, Light Your Eyes, Lacquered Lori, Adventures in Acetone,  Gnarly Nails, Lucy's Stash, Nail Polish Wars, Pretty Digits, Will Paint Nails for Food, Icy Nails, Sassy Shelly, Accio Lacquer, Meisie's Nails, La Paillette Frondeuse, Very Emily, A Polish Addict, Liloo, Glitter and Nails, Nails Peste, Sminkan,The Nail Sensation, Sparklepuss Polish, Sparkly Vernis, and The Nail Network!