Friday, August 24, 2012


Nichole: Red, Silver & Blue

Pictures courtesy of Accio Lacquer, Nailderella, Chalkboard Nails, Nail Polish Wars, One Nail to Rule them All, Vicerimus, Gnarly Nails, Chit Chat Nails, The Polish Haven, xoxoJen, The Nail Sensation, Glitter and Nails, Chickettes, Lucy's Stash, @jackie18g, @Justinelise, I'm Anaa, Polish Infatuated, Playful Polishes, Blog Nailed It, Belegwen, Globe and Nail, The Beauty of Nail Polish, Mandie's Manicures, What the Nails, The Dalai Lama's Nails, Love Varnish, Wacky Laki, Nail Polish Society, Nail's Peste, Polish Obsession, Light Your Eyes, Running with Lacquer, Meisie's Nails, Muxe, Naked Without Polish, Trace Face Philes, Totally Nailed, Celine Does Nails, Pretty Purple Polish, I Heart Pretty Polish, Pinky Sally, Cherry Nail Art, My Nail Polish Online, I Dream of Lacquer, Eeeeknailpolish, Running with Lacquer, Craftynail, Vampy Varnish, Refined & Polished, Polished to Precision, Sminkan, Cosmetic Sanctuary, Serenity Nails Spa, Lacquered Lori, and Peachy Polish.