Friday, August 17, 2012


Leslie: Periwinkle & Lavender

Swatches courtesy of Polish Art Addiction, Fierce Makeup and Nails, Nailstories, Polished Elegance, My Nail Polish Online, Oh Three Oh Four, 9ml Universe, Wondrously Polished, Moni's Mani, Globe & Nail, Pretty Purple Polish, Sherilynails, OMG Polish 'Em, A Girl and Her Polish, Love Varnish, Polish Me Up, Nail and Polish, More Nail Polish, Adrix Nails, Ver Nas Unhas, Sparkly Vernis, Sminkan, Belegwen, Lacquer is the Best Medicine, Accio Lacquer, The Nail Sensation, Peachy Polish, Wacky Laki, The Polishing Life,  Nailderella, @jackie18g, La Paillette Frondeuse, Melyne Nail Art, Amandalandish, Rebecca Likes Nails, Sminkan, and Work Play Polish.