Shimmer Colors

Adrienne: Royal Blue, Gold & Silver
Airriann: Pale Pink  Mix
Alessandra: Coral Red
Alice: Silver with Stars
Anna: Green and Pink Mix 
Amy: Pink Rainbow
Astrid: Amethyst Opal
Bella: Black & Burgundy
Brooklyn: Green-Blue & Gold Mix
Candace: Gold & Black
Carmen: Copper Gold
Carol: Copper Mixed
Caroline: Grape Purple
Cassandra: Frosty Pearl White
Céline: Red Berry w& Gold Sparkle
Cindy: Ruby Red
Cleo: Fuschia Jelly & Blue Sparkle
Courtney: Rainbow Sparkle
Cristina: Forest Green & Fuchsia
Crystal: Copper& Bronze
Elsa: Turqoise, Red & Gold
Erica: Crystal Periodot
Eva: Burgundy with a hint of Silver
Fanny: Purple & Pink
Gerry: Violet Blue, Purple
Irene: Champagne Silver
Jacki: Deep Violet, Navy, & Maroon Mix
Jasmine: Aquamarine Blue & Green 
Jennifer: Light Blue Pastels
Jenny: Blue Cyan Mix
Josephine: Pinks, Orange and Blue
Jovie: Pink Opal
Julia: Ice Blue
Julie: Mixed Glitters
Karen: Lavender Pink
Karina: Burgundy Wine & Black
Katherine: Bronze
Katie: Gray, Green & Pink
Kelly: Green & Gold
Kim: Blue & Purple
Leslie: Periwinkle &  Lavender
Liana: Midnight Navy
Lindsey: Gold & Silver
Linna: Emerald Green, Teal Mix
Lucie: Silver & Reds
Lorene: Raspberry Mix
Maria: Blues (Light to Dark) 
Marilyn: Burgundy 
Mary: Red, Silver & Black
Melissa: Plum, Fuchsia & Gold
Natalie: Dusty Blue, Gold & Copper
Nichole: Red, Silver & Blue
Rochelle: Red & Gold
Sarah: Tropical Green & Blue
Sonia: Lavender, Pink & Gold
Sophie: Pink & Red
Stephanie: Royal, Navy Blue
Strength (PCOS): Teal & Silver with Hearts
Tammy: Silver Bars with Purple, & Black
Taylor: Red  Jelly Base with Mixed Green
Tiffany: Pink & Blue
Tracy: Tarnished Gold
Trisha: Blood-Orange Mix
Vanessa: Slate Gray, Silver
Valerie: Copper, Silver & Black 
Vivian: Dusty Rose Pink & Gray
Vicki (BreasT Cancer Awareness): Pink & Silver
Wendy: Copper, Purple & Turquoise

The Names: My polishes are named after my wonderful friends and family. Each and every name has an important significance to me. Each shade of Shimmer is inspired by my friends; from favorite colors, things that remind me of that person, and even personal requests from these great ladies. Each and every one of my Shimmers have shaped and influenced me to become who I am today; this my way of thanking them for being in my life.


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