Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Jacki: Violet , Navy& Maroon Sparkle
Pictures courtesy of Meisie's Nails, The Beauty Milk, Imperfectly Painted, Sweapee, Fairly Charming, Miss Mani Monster, Globe & Nail, Becacine, Vanilleetlesvernis, Amandalandish, A Lacquered Affair, Lacquer: the Best Medicine, Nuthin But a Nail Thing, Accio Lacquer, Oh Three Oh Four, Sherilynails, Makeup and Beauty by Karo, Crafty Nail, Jackie 18g, Polished Elegance, Polished to Precision, Love Varnish, Celine Does Nails, Liesl Loves Pretty Things, Running with Lacquer, Petite Peinture Varnished Reputation, The Dalai Lama's Nails, The Nail Sensation, Serenity Nails Spa, Sminkan, Rebecca Likes Nails, The Nail Polish Guru, and Kathryn Chu. :)

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