Monday, July 23, 2012


Liana: Midnight Navy
 Swatches courtesy of Sparkly Vernis, Alice in Lacquerland, A Polish Addict, Belegwen, The Dalai Lama Nails, A Girl and Her Polish, Globe & Nail, I Dream of Lacquer, More Nail Polish, Eeeeknailpolish, Rebecca Likes Nails, Wondrously Polished, Chit Chat Nails, Marci's Nails & More, Top Coat It, Wacky Laki, Oooh Shinies, Lucy's Stash, Dipped in Lacquer, Love Varnish, Running with Lacquer, Spektor's Nails, My Nail Polish Online, Konad Nails, Pika Polish, Oh Three Oh Four, Nailderella, Crafty Nail, The Nail Sensation, Nailed It, OMG! Polish 'Em, Sherilynails, Peachy Polish, Totally Nailed, Accio Lacquer, My Nail Polish Online, My Nail Graffiti, I Feel Polished, Meisie's Nails, Lacquer: the Best Medicine, and The Nail Network.


  1. Its almost 2015 and I'm hopeful this nail polish is still available. If it is please leave me a response. Thank you so very much.

    1. Yes, this is still available! Thank you for looking.
      Please email me at