Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Eva: Burgundy with a hint of silver
(similar to Marilyn & Karina)

Swatches courtesy of Nail Polish Wars, Susy in Color, Chit Chat Nails, The Nail Network, My Nail Polish Online, The Crafty Ninja, Enamel Girl, The Polish Haven, Rebecca Likes Nails, I'm Anaa, Love Varnish, Belegwen, Globe & Nail, Running with Scissors, Brit Nails, Polished Elegance, Polish Infatuated, Aniya Nail Art, Serenity Nail Spa, Nuthin' But a Nail Thing, Sminkan, Roaring Nails, Pretty Digits, Flight of Whimsy, Haute Lacquer, Did My Nails, The Clockwise Polish, xoxo Alexis Leigh, Polish Art Addiction, Accio Lacquer, Brijits Nails, @jackie18g, Lacquered Lori,  Makeup Withdrawal, and Vicerimus.

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